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Poems from the heart

Little bird waltzing,
alongside only itself.
Freedom all alone.

To be free takes strength,
to unite just takes a heart.
But many lack strength.

Birds soar above all,
they hold the key to freedom;
it lifts them into air.

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I have grown so…

I have grown so much since the last time I have updated this blog. I was only twelve when I made it. I didn’t much, but apparently I had a lot to say. I was really into Gospel music, now I hardly listen to it.

On the bright side, my writing skills have improved greatly, and I’m learning Korean. I also started going to a Messianic Jewish church. I’ve learned a lot about the Jewish culture, and a lot about Jesus too.

I’m also into writing, art, and music now. Hopefully, I’ll go to college and get a degree in Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media, and Illustration. I don’t draw very often, I don’t make music very often, but I feel very passionately about these things.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated this blog. I was thirteen then, thirteen! I’m fifteen now. Wow, time sure does fly by fast, doesn’t it?

Jesus Muzik Video – Lecrae ft. Trip Lee

Real Vision – Trip Lee ft. Tedashii

Jesus Muzik Lyrics

Jesus Muzik is by Lecrae and Trp Lee

Yeah back on the grind again I know it’s been a lil while but it’s time again
Folks askin Crae when ya gonna rhyme again? I’m like hold up give me time my man
See a lot of thangs change some stay the same went from H Town to D Town to Memphis mayn
One thang that’s fasho, everywhere I go people caught up in theyself money cars and clothes (yep)
They talk about it all the time and put it in they songs
They drive around and play it loud like it ain’t nothin wrong
And all they talk about is sinful stuff, got everybody actin bad thinkin that they a thug (weeelll)
They tryna drown me out, but nah they ain’t gon count me out
I got a back pack full of tracks plus I keep a Johnny Mac so we can pound it out
Plus I’m bumpin dese JESUS BEATS whenever they SEEIN ME
People lookin all confused, cuz every one of my tunes is screamin JESUS peeps
I was bumpin dat TRIP LEE, BJ rollin WIT ME both our heads noddin like we dozin or we TIPSY
But we ain’t been drankin mayn nah this song just bangin mayn
Got us screamin JESUS out the window while we changin lanes, while we just

Chorus 3X
Ridin wit my top down listenin to this Jesus music
Rid-ridin wit my top down down top top down ridin wit my top down
Listenin to this Jesus Music

Trip Lee:
If you hear that the bass bang and you see us in ya streets
That stuff ya boy’s playin mayn it’s gon be dem Jesus beats (yall ready)
That stuff we bumpin ain’t that lean wit it rock wit it (nope)
It’s that change ya life and please let the rock hit it
Now that stuff that we bump bring the sound of Christ
Christ 116 our prayer to Christ was once lost then found now we down wit Christ
In the dark hearts stop but we found the light now it’s soundin right
Suicide to the good and the phantom life cuz the gospel is good
In the past I don’t think yall understood now ya got it messed up
Let us outta ya hood, we got the windows down and when we finna cruise
We tryna glorify the Lord with what we listen to (OK) we bump dat Cross Movement
We bump that Lampmode (Lampmode) we bout that Jesus musik
Get up yo hands bro (get up yo hands bro) yeah
It might be screwed and chopped it might be east coast
Either way this Jesus musik’s hot bump this in ya speakers bro (they laugh)
The Lord ain’t pleased wit that money and weed
So if you hear them ‘sup and ya see us up in ya streets
I might be

Chorus 3X
Ridin wit my top down listenin to this Jesus music
Rid-ridin wit my top down down top top down ridin wit my top down
Listenin to this Jesus Music

You like music from rap to gospel but ya prolly neva heard nobody rap the gospel
Different sound but the truth’s the same no choirs no bands but the truth remains
We got fam and the clique set the booth on flames St Louis others philly
Like Duce and Flame’s if ya lost in the flow don’t lose the name
It’s Jesus Christ the king of the jews my mayn
This ain’t entertainment dawg it’s timeless truth
Would you rather hear a song about shiny coupes, nope
Non-fat non-gat non-killa rap, 100% christ da blood spilla rap
Yall feelin that, rap wrapped up with the gospel, ay trip dawg run it back
Yall feelin that? Rap wrapped up with the gospel ay trip dawg run it back

Trip Lee:
If in our car you hear that boom-bep and you hear some dude’s rep
It ain’t dem folks that boast, it’s folks that tell you where the truth’s at
We don’t wanna hear about dimes and dope (nope)
We don’t wanna hear about nines and smoke
We don’t wanna hear about movin packs and foolish cats
Who lie and boast
We do wanna hear about Christ the king
Do wanna hear how lives is changed
We do wanna hear how God is pleased
And theology of the Bible mayn
This Jesus music turn heads, so turn it up and let em know
In all we do he’s first and, this Jesus music’s better bro (yeah)

Chorus 3X
Ridin wit my top down listenin to this Jesus music
Rid-ridin wit my top down down top top down ridin wit my top down
Listenin to this Jesus Music

Hiphop & the Church Part 2

Hiphop and the church haven’t always seen eye to eye but thanks to people like William “Duce” Branch a.k.a. the Ambassador(, can play a huge role in the church. Because of Holy hiphop I know Christ. I think we(as in everyone) should accept all styles of music.

Hiphop & the Church

Sometimes it seems like hiphop isn’t allowed in churches. Why? Well I might know a few reasons. 1. Some of us don’t wanna switch generes and 2. some of us judge hiphop by what we see on networks like BET(Black Entertainment Television). Hiphop isn’t the “Devil’s music”. It’s like any other style of music, and one of the most influential! When churches(not all churches) do this it sometimes pushes people away from God’s word. Some churches kick members out just because they’re gay or might appear to be a thug. If they came there nine times outta ten they wanted to hear the Word, so we’re supposed to give it to them, right? We must remember we all must go through some kind of journey in order to meet Christ.

Influential Stars

Have you ever took a look at Trip Lee’s or Flame’s Myspace pages? I have and they’re awsome! I think it’s really cool that they’re so young but influential. They’re gospel rappers, and are also with Crossmovement Records. It’s hard to find people there age(and even harder to find people my age) that get on stage and use there talent for God! I wander if there are any kids under the age of 15 do (or wanna do) the same thing they do. If you know please tell!

American Pit Bull Terriers

During the summer of ’09 I heard a lot of people sayin’ that Pit Bulls are “bad dogs” and I would like to speak on behalf of that. I have been around Pit Bulls almost all my life and have never been bitten. People trash talk these dogs for one reson: some people don’t know how to take care of this particular breed. In my neighborhood a lot of people DO NOT respect the leash law and let there dogs(of any breed) do whatever they wanna do. Any dog without proper training is gonna bite someone if they feel like the’re aposing a threat. When wild animals do that no one labels them bad so why are we labeling Pit Bulls as “bad”? Pit Bulls were originally breed to hunt but when someone came up with the idea of using the breed for pit contests (which is why the breed is called Pit Bull) they began to breed them for fighting. They don’t go balistic and terrorize everything in there path, they were(and for whatever reson still are) fighting other dogs, not people! With the proper training this breed(and any other breed) can be a guard dog, a sheep dog, a police dog, and house pet! I know this because my daddy(yes from time to time I call him that) is Pit Bull breeder and I also read some stuff about them a book by Richard F. Stratton.

Gospel Rap Artists

I love rap and I love God so I think combining rap with the Gospel is sweeter than sugar. My parents(or ‘rents as most kids say today) buy a lot of Gospel rap cds so not only am I getting the Word but I also get to listen to one of my fave styles of music. I wanna know what think about gospel rap and would like to know what gospel rappers you listen to. Here’s a list of the ones I listen to: Ambassador, Lecrea, Flame, Phanatik,Trip Lee, and R-Swift.

Hello world!

I’m 12 years old and live in a VERY small town. I’m slowly becoming a christian so if any christians come on my blog, I’m really gonna want some advice. I’m homeschooled and don’t do much. I’m funny(or at least think I am), I listen to a lot of gospel rappers like Ambassador,Flame,ect. Please excuse missed punctuations, missed spelled words, and missing words. Thank for coming on my blog. xoxo

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